October 28, 2023

World Tourism Day 2023: UNWTO & World Tourism Organization

World Tourism Day 2023: UNWTO & World Tourism Organization
World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day 2023: UNWTO & World Tourism Organization

Celebrating the World Tourism Day 2023: Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

September 27th is a significant date in the world of travel. It marks the celebration of World Tourism Day. Established by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), World Tourism Day has been observed since 1980, with the aim of raising awareness about tourism's role in the international community.

The Significance of World Tourism Day Celebrations

Every year, the world tourism day celebrations revolve around different themes. The UNWTO, which serves as the United Nations' specialized agency for the tourism sector, highlights the importance of sustainable and accessible tourism. This year, the theme is "Rethinking Tourism", urging us to rethink how we do tourism, ensuring it remains a positive force for economic growth and development of societies worldwide.

This day also marks the anniversary of the adoption of the UNWTO statutes back in 1970. The organization, having its roots in the adoption of its statute, aims for empowerment, economic growth, and mutual understanding. World Tourism Day returns to focus on this milestone.

The Evolution of Global Tourism

World tourism has come a long way since the first World Tourism Day. From the unwto general assembly in Torremolinos in 1980, the sector has seen green investments, sustainable tourism, and development aligned with the goals of the United Nations for prosperity and job creation. The history of World Tourism Day is not just about dates and events but also about the positive impact on economies, cultures, and local communities.

The Impact of World Tourism Day 2022

Last year's world tourism day 2022 was a restart for many countries post-pandemic. With the theme revolving around sustainable development and the need for more and better-targeted investments for people and the planet, the day served as a reminder of tourism's contribution to social and environmental conservation.

The Importance of Sustainable Tourism in 2023

In 2023, sustainable tourism has never been more critical. It goes hand in hand with sustainable development, ensuring that the tourism sector contributes to economic growth without compromising cultural heritage and the environment. The UNWTO promotes this vision, advocating for the private sector and member states to pave the way for better, more inclusive growth.

Challenges and Opportunities

With the pandemic's impact still felt in parts of the world, World Tourism Day 2023 serves as a reminder of the resilience of the sector. The UN's focus on "Rethinking Tourism" pushes everyone to reassess how the tourism industry can empower local communities, advance mutual understanding, and foster cooperation in an ever-evolving global scenario.

H2: World Tourism Day's Legacy and Evolving Landscape

Tourism's Shift after the Pandemic

One of the world’s most influential sectors, tourism has faced tremendous challenges in the wake of the pandemic. The tourism industry, which once contributed trillions to the global economy and supported millions of jobs worldwide, experienced an unprecedented halt. As countries closed borders and travel restrictions were implemented, the industry was compelled to rethink and restart a greener and more sustainable model.

The Role of Saudi Arabia in World Tourism

Saudi Arabia, with its rich heritage and evolving tourism sector, recognized the importance of sustainable tourism. Riyadh, the capital, played host to many WTD events, promoting “tourism for development” and emphasizing the sector's political and economic significance. The kingdom's endeavors showcased its commitment to leveraging tourism for poverty alleviation and sustainable growth.

Reflecting on the Beginnings of WTD

The date, 27 September, was chosen as the global day to celebrate tourism due to its significance to the organization in 1970. During the third session, the UNWTO General Assembly decided to designate a day, marking the beginning of the high season in the northern hemisphere and the start of the season in the southern hemisphere. This day serves as a milestone in global tourism, reminding the world of the sector's importance in bridging cultures and economies.

The Intersection of Sport and Tourism

Sport and tourism, two major economic sectors, have often intertwined to provide mutual benefits. Events like the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup are clear indications of how these sectors drive growth and foster mutual understanding. The recent emphasis on integrating sport and tourism serves as a testament to their combined power in fostering connections and ensuring economic upliftment.

The Vision of UNWTO's Leadership

Under the guidance of the secretary-general, the UNWTO has continuously championed the cause of making tourism an instrument for positive change. The organization encourages nations to use World Tourism Day as a platform to emphasize the potential of tourism. The day stands at the centre of global efforts to promote tourism as a tool that benefits people and the planet.

In summation, as we mark another year of World Tourism Day, it's essential to acknowledge the profound impact tourism has on societies, economies, and the environment. From its early days in 1970 to its contemporary significance, WTD serves as a beacon of hope, resilience, and unity in an ever-evolving global landscape.

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Key Takeaways

  1. World Tourism Day, celebrated on September 27, is a significant date promoting sustainable tourism worldwide.
  2. World Tourism Day 2023 highlights the importance of rethinking our approaches to tourism.
  3. With tools like the Cunian app, tourists can explore destinations sustainably.


Why is World Tourism Day important?

Established by the UNWTO, it aims to raise awareness about tourism's role in mutual understanding, cooperation, and economic development.

What is the significance of September 27th?

September 27 was chosen as it marks the anniversary of the adoption of the UNWTO statutes in 1970.

How does the Cunian app align with World Tourism Day's objectives?

The Cunian app offers free tours, promoting accessible and sustainable tourism, resonating with the values of the UNWTO and World Tourism Day celebrations.

In conclusion, World Tourism Day serves as a beacon, illuminating the significance of tourism in fostering mutual understanding, economic growth, and cultural preservation. As we celebrate World Tourism Day 2023, let's commit to rethinking our practices and ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for the global tourism sector.