November 22, 2023

Albuquerque Breaking Bad RV Tour | Ultimate RV Tour Experience

Join the ultimate Albuquerque RV tour and relive the drama of Breaking Bad. Explore iconic locations in an authentic RV tour adventure.
Albuquerque Breaking Bad RV Tour

Albuquerque Breaking Bad RV Tour | Ultimate RV Tour Experience

Explore the Thrills of Albuquerque with the Ultimate Breaking Bad RV Tour

Discover the heart of New Mexico with our exclusive Breaking Bad Tour in Albuquerque. Fans of the iconic series and its successor, Better Call Saul, can now follow the footsteps of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, turning fiction into reality. Embark on an unforgettable journey to iconic locations like the Los Pollos Hermanos, the infamous Car Wash, and even the Crossroads Motel.

Dive into the Albuquerque Film Scene with Our Guided RV Tours

Albuquerque isn't just about the Breaking Bad universe; it's a burgeoning hub for the film industry. Join us on an RV Tour to explore more than just the sets of your favorite show. Visit the Old Town, the historic heart of ABQ, where the blend of past and present creates an enchanting atmosphere.

Don't Miss Breaking Bad Tour - Book Your Tour Date Now

Missing Breaking Bad? It's time to revisit the excitement. Secure your spot on our RV tour and relive the show's most memorable moments. From the Dog House to the El Camino escape route, experience a piece of television history.

ABQ Breaking Bad RV Tours: A Journey Through the Land of Enchantment

Experience a guided tour like no other, where you not only visit the filming locations but get to enjoy trivia about the show's production. With a virtual tour option, you can enjoy the sights from the comfort of your home. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a curious traveler, this is one of the top things to do in Albuquerque.

Booking a Tour in Albuquerque's Iconic RV

Whether you're looking for a shuttle to Walter White's house or a replica RV tour, we've got you covered. With COVID-safe practices in place, including mandatory masks and hand sanitizer provided, you can enjoy the tour worry-free. Remember, locations can change due to the filming schedule, so booking early is recommended.

ABQ Breaking Bad RV Tours: Your Free Guide on Cunian

Download the Cunian app and embark on a Breaking Bad RV Tour at no cost. With Cunian, all tours are free, and you're the master of your adventure. Explore at your own pace, visit your favorite locations, and get out and take pictures with complete freedom. Our digital guide ensures you won't miss a beat, from Los Pollos Hermanos to the Super Lab.

Albuquerque Awaits: Secure Your Free Virtual Tour Today

Don't wait to experience the magic of Albuquerque's film history. With Cunian's digital tour guide app, you can start your adventure right now, free of charge. From Old Town charm to the gritty streets seen in El Camino, your virtual journey is just a click away.

Immerse Yourself in the Duke City with ABQ Breaking Bad RV Tours

The Duke City is renowned for its rich cinematic tapestry, a reality that fans can experience firsthand with the ABQ Breaking Bad RV Tours. There's something profoundly thrilling about being able to sit in an RV just like the one used in the series, cruising through the vibrant streets of Albuquerque. It's not just a great tour; it's an immersive experience that brings the show to life for any Breaking Bad fan.

As the RV turns onto 1919 Old Town Rd, you're not just traveling on asphalt—you're journeying through television history. Here, the past collides with the present, and fiction blends seamlessly with reality. Whether you're a die-hard enthusiast looking to re-live the experience of the show or a new convert who has come to love Better Call Saul and El Camino, this RV tour offers a unique adventure.

A Culinary Detour: Lunch at Los Pollos Hermanos

Part of the charm of this excellent tour is the authentic lunch at Los Pollos Hermanos, where you can almost expect to see Gus Fring at the next table. This isn't just about Breaking Bad locations; it's about the tastes and textures of New Mexico itself. From the meth-like blue candy from the Candy Lady to the iconic Twister sign that fans recognize as Saul's office, your senses are in for a treat.

Breaking Bad and Beyond: Exploring with KRQE

For those who miss Breaking Bad, KRQE offers a window into the world of New Mexico film, including Breaking Bad and its successor series. On the tour bus, you'll find yourself sharing theories with other enthusiasts, all while the guide—often a local actor named Luigi who worked on the show—provides insider anecdotes. This is a fun tour that merges entertainment with education, a testament to the city of Albuquerque's commitment to preserving its role in cinematic history.

From Jesse's House to Walt's Car Wash: The Breaking Bad Trail

The Breaking Bad RV Tour doesn't just stop at the most famous spots like Jesse's house or Walt's house; it goes further, to places like Tuco's hideout and Jane's apartment. With COVID safe practices in place, including mandatory masks must be worn policy, you can safely enjoy each stop. The tour in the RV also offers a fully interactiveexperience with social distancing maintained, ensuring you enjoy the journey without worry.

Re-Live the Saga with Cunian's Virtual Tour of Breaking Bad Locations

Even if you can't make it to the Bounder or the Fleetwood in person, Cunian's virtual tour brings the saga to your screen. The digital tour guide app promises a fully interactive experience where you can re-live the experience of Breaking Bad and its universe. Whether you're looking to explore the rail yard or La Hacienda where pivotal scenes were shot, Cunian provides a COVID safe virtual passage.

Albuquerque's Certificate of Excellence in Entertainment

The Breaking Bad RV Tour isn't just a fan service; it's a recipient of the certificate of excellence for the quality and depth of experience it provides. As you click the calendar to book your tour, you're signing up for what could be described as the best tour in New Mexico. The guides, many of whom are actors who received a call to stand in as extras among the cast and crew, bring authenticity and passion to the narrative.

Unleash Your Inner Fan with Cunian

Ready to tread the path of your favorite TV antiheroes for free? The Cunian app is your gateway to the best Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul locations. With no fees, immersive content, and the flexibility of a virtual tour, Cunian is your companion in re-living the show's legacy. Download now and transform the way you explore Albuquerque.