October 25, 2023

Full Custom Tour at West Coast Customs

Full Custom Tour at West Coast Customs
 West Coast Customs

Full Custom Tour at West Coast Customs

Discover the Magic of West Coast Customs

Established in 1993, West Coast Customs (often referred to as WCC) quickly rose to fame, becoming a household name for custom car enthusiasts. Located in Burbank, California, this iconic shop has been the go-to place for those seeking a unique touch to their vehicles.

The West Coast Customs Experience

The moment you step into the shop, it feels like a museum. With projects that date back almost 20 years, each car tells a story of craftsmanship and innovation. During a tour, you can get a glimpse of the showroom, which houses some of the most beautiful custom vehicles in the world. But the real magic happens behind the scenes.

A look behind the scenes reveals the heart of West Coast Customs: the workshop. Here, the team, led by Ryan Friedlinghaus, brings each customer's dream to life. It's where the concept of a custom car transforms into a tangible masterpiece.

The Legacy of Ryan and His Team

Ryan, the founder and CEO, has always had a passion for cars. Over the years, he has worked with numerous celebrities and even collaborated on projects for the hit show "Pimp My Ride". His dedication and expertise are evident in every project that rolls out of the WCC workshop.

Tours and More at WCC

For those keen to visit the workshop, West Coast Customs offers a catwalk tour where visitors can look at the ongoing projects from an elevated walkway. This allows a unique perspective and a closer look at the intricate work involved in every build.

Engage with WCC Online

Can't make it to CA for a physical tour? No worries! West Coast Customs has you covered. They have an official YouTube channel where they review their most iconic builds, giving fans an inside look at the process. Additionally, their Facebook page is always buzzing with updates on new projects and events.

More than Just Cars

While West Coast Customs is renowned for its custom cars, it's not just about the vehicle. It's about the experience, the magic, and the community. Many fans comment about the welcoming atmosphere and the merch available to commemorate their visit.

FAQs about West Coast Customs

  • Question: Where is West Coast Customs located? Answer: West Coast Customs is located in Burbank, California.
  • Question: Can I take a tour of the workshop? Answer: Yes, they offer tours for fans and visitors. It's best to check their official website for availability.
  • Question: Who started West Coast Customs? Answer: West Coast Customs was started by Ryan Friedlinghaus in 1993.

The Personal Touch at West Coast Customs

One great thing about West Coast Customs is the personal touch they bring to every project. It's not just about what the car would look like on the outside, but also about understanding the person behind the wheel. Many clients have come up to us and expressed amazement at how well the WCC team understood their visions and brought them to life.

Jeff, a regular client, recently had a chat with Justin, one of the senior designers at WCC. "I've been to West Coast Customs 10 times now," Jeff said, "and every time, they've outdone themselves. I would say the most amazing part is the full dedication they bring to each project. It's not just a job for them; it's a passion." Justin nodded in agreement, "Thank you, Jeff. That means much to us. Every car has a story, and we take the time to understand that story before we start any project."

The WCC team also believes in keeping up with the times. They're not just about customizing cars but also about understanding the latest in technology and design. Their recent project, which they fondly call "Beschreibung," is a testament to this. "It's a bit different from our usual projects," says Ryan, "but it's definitely related to our core values of innovation and creativity."

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